Man with the Plan

Wow. Me with a blog – who would have thunked it? Thanks to my good friend Robert I now have one. Hurrah! There may well be teething problems as I try and learn how to use this blogging equipment but hopefully not. I’m delighted to finally have an internet presence! I look forward to your support in the matter 🙂

2 thoughts on “Man with the Plan”

  1. Yay! Looking good my man. And so far so good with the postage. Will be sending a motley crew (not crue – that’s just silly) to have a look round and welcome you to your new home

  2. Thanks Muchly – I’m sure I’ll run out of stuff to post sooner rather than later but maybe it is true about what you say with whole sledge thing (you tend to post in fits and starts). It’s been fun so far!

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