Are You Up to the Job?

This morning’s job-hunting yielded some rather intimidating vacancies amid the Grauniad’s arts and heritage section. Anyone reckon they could become “Keeper of Asia”? I assume you get deputies to help you, as the job must cover a lot. The other daunting position was that of “Director of Public Understanding” which sounds impossibly difficult and probably quite thankless. I think I’d prefer the former but then decided that at this point any job will do. This gave me the idea of putting my morning’s questing to music using the tune from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s (spit) “Any Dream Will Do” with more of a vocational theme. Then I decided that would just be silly.

3 thoughts on “Are You Up to the Job?”

  1. Dir Public Understanding?

    The public are all nuts – period! See, a monkey could do this job whilst falling off a log

  2. Director of Public Understanding? Sounds like something out of Judge Dredd, with midnight raids by truncheon-wielding thugs intent on thrashing some understanding into the hideous unwashed public.

    Where do I sign?

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