Missed a Trick…?

Too bad that April Fools Day falls on a Saturday this year, isn’t it really? All those thousands of possibilities for office and other workplace practical jokes and scams and hoaxes that will never happen because most people are at home performing practical jokes and scams and hoaxes on friends and loved ones instead. Of course there is always the opportunity to put in a well-timed call to colleagues and persuade them that actually they do need to pop in to the office because of that thing with the stuff, but only if your partner hasn’t hidden your mobile or coated the land-line receiver in Araldite.

2 thoughts on “Missed a Trick…?”

  1. Whoops. I knew someone who managed to reverse his parents’ car into a river. He was saved by the mooring ropes of a row of boats. This person obviously wasn’t as lucky!

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