8 thoughts on “Coffee is Excellent”

  1. This looks like provocation if ever I saw it, Lemur! Part of me knows I shouldn’t rise to the bait but another part wishes to remind you that clearly you’re wrong. If this is to become a fiercely fought beverage debate then I suspect more folk will side with you as the horrid stuff does seem to be the drink of choice these days. Rob! Surely I can count on your support…?

  2. You have my support in unending, frothy, crema topped mugs. Tea … PAH! A bunch of leaves steeped in tepid water is no match for the dark, fragrant pleasures offered by a good colombian dark roast.

  3. I’m all a-flip-floppin’ these days, hot beverage-wise. Coffee is excellent during the day at work, while out in town, or in the evening… but for sheer refreshment, tea does rule. Making tea is the first thing I do when I get in from work. Mmmmm, tea! But coffee is excellent. Ho-hum…

  4. I seem to have missed the great tea vs coffee debate of 2006, but I’m going to comment anyway!!

    Clearly, tea is far superior to coffee! That is all there is to it! I know all you coffee drinkers will claim that coffee is sexier but I have to remind you of all your lessons at secondary school right after break… you know what im talking about!!!

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