What is the Point…

…In “Green Wing“? Firstly and foremostly; it’s not funny. Secondly; despite the hype, it’s actually woefully unoriginal. They try too hard (and fail) to do the smug, aloof comedy that Chris Morris was pulling off successfully in “Jam” SIX years ago. Many of the stylings and self conscious editing techniques were also used to much better effect in “Jam” and “Spaced” (which incidentally was SEVEN years ago) except that the programme makers of these shows had a tad more imagination than to repeatedly play around with the speed of the film; a trick, I think we can all agree, has had its impact significantly lessened by using it in EVERY OTHER SCENE. By setting the show in a hospital it has sadly become reliant on many soap conventions and now we’re all supposed to care what becomes of these vain, nihilistic
and frankly contemptable wankers. The show might have retained some charm and overcome these flaws but for some reason someone wanted to capitalise on the serial element and made the show 50 minutes long which has the effect of stretching out the tired plot; highlighting the show’s reliance on its hackneyed style-over-substance approach and makes you wonder how it can get by on so few jokes (that don’t come off). Also, someone should point out to the programme makers that using established comedy actors such as Mark Heap and Tamsin Grieg only serves to remind us that Spaced and Black Books respectively are more successful and effortlessly more rewarding than this (undeservedly) self-satisfied, confused tower-of-wank.

3 thoughts on “What is the Point…”

  1. Oh I agree. I watched one episode from the first series last week…and it was really unfunny. And all Tamsin Grieg did was, as you say, remind me how funny Black Books is. I just got bored of it…too many silences in the script where I was supposedly meant to be laughing…grimacing is more accurate! In fact, I turned off and watched the piano episode of Black Books…awesome.

  2. I have to say, I liked the first series. I’ve not seen any of the second yet, though, so it could well have run out of steam. I’m working my way through the first series of Boosh at the moment. Top stuff.

    Incidentally, see you some time next weekend? I can’t take Thursday off as I have a meeting, but I’m temtped to have Tuesday. Either way, it’ll be a long weekend. Of CHOCOLATE FUN. And I can bore you with tales of Mexico.

  3. Black Books and Boosh; clearly superior, glad you agree Gents! My sister’s supposed to be bringing back the second series of MB with her at Easter so hopefully she’ll remember. She and I will see you sometime over the weekend, for sure Dave.

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