Thanks to Marc for taking me out on Saturday and getting me good and drunk. It was great to catch up. We managed eight bars during the course of the evening and a variety of drinks that included an obligatory ‘Shady Character’ (don’t ask me what’s in them) at The Consevatory and a half-litre of bock beer that’s currently a guest beer during Easter at The Cardinal’s Hat. I was certainly in the mood for drinking and the only reason that the bock beer wasn’t super-sized was due to it’s being 7.2%! Due to the proliferation of very decent bars and the relaxed licensing laws it is now possible to have a decent night out in Worcester and happily there is now no good excuse to find yourself in one of the many unnecessarily poor clubs. Before Christmas my sister, Dave and I had wandered over to what was The Apple Tree in Lowesmoor, to find it has now become a very smart, comfortable and well-stocked bar called The Firefly. I just can’t believe it’s taken this long for the night life in the city to become interesting. Perhaps a lot of it is down to the University College Worcester finally being granted full university status as of last year. The city’s student population is only going to swell and so perhaps the appropriate thought it now finally being put into the place. Not before time but more importantly, not before I’m too old for a night on the town.