Take Two

So my Panasonic NV-GS300 arrived yesterday. Superior to the 280 I exchanged it for in that you can record from external digital sources. I still can’t get VHS and DVD onto it because I know not how. If there were some means of converting the analogue signal from VHS into a digital one or a digital cable you could plug into my computer from my DVD player then I’d be well away but I think the problem of people abusing this in order to pirate movies is obviously too great and so I can’t enjoy the music vids I’ve got on DVD in the same way I can with my music on iTunes. I can buy the videos again from iTunes but I can’t seem to put the ones I already own onto my hard drive. Most vexing.
I can however, now go out and film stuff onto DV and I can take snaps and transfer everything onto the computer so the whole thing hasn’t been a waste of time or money by any means.  Just need something film now. And to get my head around how Final Cut Pro works. That should take up the next few years!

One thought on “Take Two”

  1. It’s possible to do all this stuff, just not obvious.

    When I tried recording from VHS into the analogue ports on my XL2 it cut out after a few seconds. Copy protection.

    I’ll send you a few suggestions for programs which can do what you ask.

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