Labour of Love

Since last posting and thanks to a little help from my friends I’ve been pointed in the direction of a solution to my problem about getting the contents of a few of my DVD’s onto my computer. So, this week I have been mostly putting music videos onto iTunes. Whilst this is immensely satisfying and straightforward it is also ridiculously time consuming and fiddly as hell. Anyway I’ve managed about 10 discs’ worth of stuff so far and now have about 80 music vids and shorts stored away as compressed mp4’s. Anyone who knows me knows that I love music vids. A lot of my collection has been sitting here in storage whilst I’ve been living away from home and it’s been great re-watching a lot of my favourites including Chris Cunningham’s Aphex Twin promos, Michel Gondry’s Bjork vids and Spike Jonze’s bizarre creations including the Fatboy Slim “Weapon Of Choice” promo with a superbly choreographed Christopher Walken (anyone who’s ever seen Walken dancing in the video for Madonna’s “Bad Girl” will know what an achievement his strutting in the Fatboy Slim video must have been).

There’s still a lot more that I want to put onto the computer and the next project will be to transfer a few old family movies from various different VHS cassettes onto the computer and then re-edit it all. At this time I’ll also have a good look at some of my old group projects from uni. This should help me learn a whole lot more about the actual editing process for myself as although I was very active and involved in everything we filmed on my course, I somehow never really got a look in on the actual editing which was very frustrating at the time (especially as you tend to work with the edit in your head as you film). I can’t wait to get on with it!

2 thoughts on “Labour of Love”

  1. Tsk. Walken’s a prize-winning professional dancer. He’s lamented on many an occasion his mean-guy typecasting blocking him from musicals and the like, where he could strut his stuff.

  2. Have you seen the Bad Girl vid??? It’s a great vid directed by David Fincher and it showcases a cut-away of Walken performing this kind of distracted skipping thing. Of course having since since the WOC vid it becomes clear that he is (always was) much better than that. Maybe Fincher was just havin’ a laugh.

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