Yes, But What About Work…?

I’m tempted to say, ‘What About It…?’ It’s not like I’m even close to being bored. Being out of work has given me a chance to get on with a host of things I’ve been saving up to do for ages (almost like prematurely executing some form of retirement plans); it’s being in a job that’ll lower my spirits. How did that Smiths song go; “I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now”? But then, that isn’t the attitude to take and I don’t want to be a burden on the folks so I’m going to have to find something very soon. And it’s going to be something awful, I just know it.

Whilst a lot of my skills are transferable and I can rewrite my CV so that it’s a bit more generic and it draws upon my wider experience, it still doesn’t look good to have been out of work as long as I have and given that I’ve absolutely no interest in working hard so that someone else can benefit from it I’m gong to have to make sure I move around a lot and keep myself from getting bored. And that means it’s back to temping. So with a heavy heart I took myself back to “Backup” last week. The place hasn’t changed since I was last there in 2002. It’s still depressing as hell (as Salinger might have said) and the same dispiriting wave of apathy still exudes from the staff whose practised grins still manage to make their faces look as if someone forced a coat-hanger into their mouths,  “And what sort of work are you looking for?” I don’t care. “And would you consider doing any industrial or catering work to tide you over?” I’d rather kill myself. Scratch that, I’d rather kill you, you insincere, vapid bint.

But again, this is not the attitude to take.  I’m currently waiting on some sort of monkey test that will determine my WPM typing and my initiative and grammar and spelling etc. Hopefully this won’t be as painful as I’m fearing and I’ll make a real effort not to whinge and moan on here. (Too late?). I might even have a job next time I post something. The real trick will be not allowing this to interfere with my Strategy For World Domination (henceforth to be known as SFWD).

2 thoughts on “Yes, But What About Work…?”

  1. I know how you feel about being off work. I had 2 months off sick before I started this job and it was bliss. The only drawback that I didn’t really realise at the time was how lonely I was. Having had a job that was turning me into a monster, it was good to have time to get it out of my system though and get my mojo back 🙂

    I’m now blissfully ensconced as a college librarian and loving it. I’ve still got some stuff to work out, but at least the job is great, plus I like where I’m living and love who I’m living with.

    I got here by drawing a mind map – or rather a series of the – about what was good, bad and ugly in my life and what I wanted. Then I applied to anything and everything that would let me get what I wanted – a nice home, happy family life, time to spend with friends and family,steady income, low stress levels, nice colleagues and a squillion books. Everything else was what other people thought I should be striving for – responsibility, prestige, big salary etc… I myself don’t give a toss about any of that, so now I’m happy 🙂

    Sorry for the essay. Love you long time $15. Maz

  2. Hi Maz – glad to see you made it over! I’m coming to the point where I need to do the same thing. If my time off has taught me anything it’s that I wasn’t happy where I was and although film is all I still want to do it won’t be through that path! I’ve never valued money (just some of the things you can get with it!) and most of your priorities are what matters from life. I’ll let you know what I come up with. $15? A bargain!

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