A Life In Pictures

Having now had the chance to take a few snaps I thought I’d sort myself with some sort of photoshare thang. Dave, Rob and Greg put me onto Flickr which seems quite adequate for my purposes. I now have an account here which you can visit if you feel so inclined. Rah!


11 thoughts on “A Life In Pictures”

  1. Nice. I especially like the beetle. Anyway, haved added you as a contact / friend so you can now see loads more photos on my account.

  2. Yay! I have added you as a contact 🙂
    Some damn good pics there, buddy. I’m jealous now, I want a better camera, hehe.

  3. Have also added you as a contact so the number of photos viewable will probably triple! My favourite is the ‘lemurgirl’ tag…:)

  4. Splendid. Thanks to you all for your links. I’ve enjoyed getting to see a bit more of your extensive photo collections!

  5. Nice snaps. Some good compositions, and an eye for detail. What camera did you take them on?

    Does your Panasonic do stills? I seem to remember the Canon XL1 being able to shoot a single frame (useful for animators) but sadly the XL2 doesn’t have that feature.

  6. It surely does! That’s what I used to take these. I made sure that I grabbed something that could combine a decent stills and video camera as I couldn’t run to both.

  7. how do I look at the pics? this is a whole new world for me. also, how do I set up something similar to this webpage? I’ve suddenly got evenings and weekends and lunchbreaks all to myself without having to spend them making lesson resources for smelly kids to rip up and trample to the ground and am trying to be a bit more accessible (that was horribly spelled). P.S. I’ve left a comment/ essay on the next one down from this for you.

  8. Hey Maz, you should be able to click on the link cunningly disguised in the word ‘here’ which should catapult you over to Flickr and straight into the midst of my pictures. Let me know what you think!

  9. Excellent pics. I think the beetle may be an immature stag beetle, or else some form of dung beetle. Most likely a dung beetle. The views over Malvern make me really homesick – I haven’t been back in ages (not since that new year’s eve when Claire chucked up in my car).

  10. Thanks Maz, I wasn’t sure what it was. Was that the day yourself, Dave and I went walking across the hills? If so, that was the very end of 2003! Far too long ago!

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