Adapt or Die

So the original plan was to go to Germany in September. Rae had been there last year and really wanted to steer us towards Oktoberfest. Then she was off to Turkey instead with her fella for some trekking and then she wasn’t. Then Germany proved to be too expensive and we all had a chat about where to go instead and the place we all agreed on was Prague as we’d all wanted to go for some time but this took some time to decide upon as these things invariably do. Then Rae had problems the job she will be doing after she completes her degree that would mean that she couldn’t get away in September and what with one thing and another it then made sense to go during mid-May which left considerably less time to plan it all than it would have done. This wasn’t necessarily a problem as I have a bit of free time at the moment. So that’s that. We’re off to The Czech Republic on Wednesday, which hasn’t had time to sink in yet. Of course, Rae’s realised the only sensible thing to do is to hand in her notice with her employer and go trekking in September anyway and find other work in the meantime but if we had waited until September then we might have changed our minds a dozen times and gone somewhere else or not gone at all. This will actually be the first family holiday abroad we’ve ever had. Sure, there’s been many and varied family breaks throughout the UK and we’ve all separately been to various international destinations but never the family unit away together. This is going to be interesting. I just hope that none of us developes Czech Neck.

2 thoughts on “Adapt or Die”

  1. Passport?
    Plane tickets?
    Shall I write you a…
    Nationality of Ivan Lendl…
    Knight to King 4…
    etc. etc.

    Have a fantastic time, all of you!

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