They’re Back!

I’m quite excited. My favourite Doctor Who villains, The Cybermen, return tonight. I think they’re particularly cool and one of the most memorable images of the show from my childhood. I had a quick look on t’internet and found out that the story I remember was called “Silver Nemesis” and featured Sylvester McCoy running round trying to stop these guys getting hold of bits of a statue that would help them to become all powerful or something. I also seem to remember that one of the only ways they could be destroyed was using a crossbow (or did I make that up?). I’d be able to re-watch the episode and see for myself if it were available on DVD but sadly it aint. I’m not sure about the new design for them though. According to this week’s Radio Times the art department thought it would be a good idea to go Art Deco with the design and whilst this looks very cool and reminds me of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, I actually really liked the look they employed back at the end of the eighties – I think it made the cyborgs appear more humanoid; as if they had only undergone a few evolutionary steps from being a living, thinking person and that the technology was more crude which somehow for me made it all the more scary (I think it reminded must have reminded me of that traumatizing moment in Superman 3 when evil Vera Webster was sucked into the super computer near the end). There’s a then and now below for you to make your own mind up – unles you’ve been assimilated and have it made up for you.
st--7k21.jpg cybermen.jpg

2 thoughts on “They’re Back!”

  1. Oh dear oh dear!!!

    It looked like the writer of that episode wanted to go play with the daleks but wasn’t allowed.

    I did however love the beautiful touch that was having “the lion sleeps tonight” playing whilst they were all being assimilated. Made us all giggle lots!

    We have to wait til next week now to see whether the cyber-men really will get to exterminate delete anybody proper.


  2. Yeah, bit weird really. I thought that our Cyber freaks were supposed to be aliens from another world bent on assimilating everyone they found and not some sort of fascist experiment. Not sure what the relevence of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was but it was very ammusing especially with the tortured screams in the background!

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