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Where the debate is all, one man must struggle to find everyone’s opinion…

The Cats Vs Dogs battle has been fought; the victors proved to be the cat-doting hoards. It’s upsetting that I’m having my coffee and canine world overturned by the tea-drinking cat-loving masses but it’s time to move on.

This Holiday Season… I’d be very interested to know how everyone’s movie-going Summer is coming along. Namely, what’s been your favourite Summer blockbuster of the year so far? I’ve now had the chance to see Mission: Impossible 3, The Da Vinci Code and X-Men: The Last Stand and with the exception of Hugh Jackman and Co have found the experience to be lacking. It didn’t help that M:I:3 (or M:I:D as I’ve renamed it due to it’s causing Multi-Infarct Dementia in my fragile little mind) had its sound levels so high that every explosion caused pain, but did it have to be so awful? The stunts and the action were spot on but why does a film like this feel the need to justify itself by trying to be so clever? In a film that is defined by its action, why bother to include ridiculous plot twists that cause the film to disappear up its own arse and why use a cast of very gifted actors when your characters are unbelievable, paper thin and spout poorly written dialogue? I just wanted to see some stuff blow up…

I don’t know where to start with The Da Vinci Code as it was entirely my own fault. I should have realised that the combination of Ron Howard and Tom Hanks would prove fatal but good marketing, hype, and work of mouth overcame my suspicions. I wish they hadn’t because that was two hours of my life (at least) that I’ll never get back!

How about your goods selves; how have you fared? Have you had different experiences to me? And are you looking forward to the remainder of the Summer blockbusters; Pirate of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest and Superman Returns?

Do tell.

8 thoughts on “In A World…”

  1. Xmen 3 – fell asleep

    MI:3 – Tried to fall asleep but wasn’t allowed to by the most screwed up sound levels in any movie I’ve ever … heard.

    The Da Vinci Code – not even going to bother. Hated the book, hated the concept, hated the whole lot so unlikely to be an enjoyfest for me.

    Pirates of the caribean – Looking forward to this purely for more Jack Sparrow slurring and stumbling – I could watch Mr. Depp do that all day!

    Superman Returns – can’t wait even though I know I’m proably going to be disapointed. Again should be worth it on the basis of one character even if it turns out to be a pile of steaming shite.

  2. I remember you helped me champion the cause of coffee but sadly we lost out to these wretched tea drinking types. Grrr. I’m with you on Superman. I’m going to go see it regardless and keep my fingers crossed that it’s good. I’m not a huge Superman fan anyway but still share the anxiety!

  3. Of course! Thanks for reminding us all of the treat that will be “Snakes on a Plane”. I cannot wait!

  4. Snakes ona PLane!!! Ali showed me the trailer over the holidays and I am convinced it will be the best plane movie ever!

    So Mr Jams? What’s the next debate topic going to be?

  5. Da Vinci code – Matt had to keep poking me because my snoring was annoying people. Plus Tom Hanks irritates me in any post 80’s movie. Prior to that I was a child and can’t be judged for liking Big, and Turner and Hooch.

    X-Men – better than the Da Vinci code, but not as good as the first two, mainly because they killed off everyone. Wolverine guy still fit, but preferred him in the vampire film.

    Looking forward to Pirates. Fancy Depp, Knightly and Legolas guy in equal measures, though perhaps Depp gets a slightly bigger measure because I’ve fancied him right back from his 21 Jump Street days. All it needs is Hugh Laurie to be in the same movie with the other three and I’ll be in giggly girly heaven.

  6. It’s got Bill Nighy, Stellan Skarsgård and Jonathan Pryce in it though, that should make up for lack of Laurie!

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