Little Acts of Kindness

“Little acts of kindness; Make us all feel better.” How true. Monday had seen me spend me all day at Malvern College making a small amount of headway with the interminable dull CLAiT course I’m currently doing. Now don’t laugh, I’m not doing this because I’m entirely computer illiterate, merely because I have no recognised computer qualification and I did have to admit to myself that I’d never actually been shown how to use Excel, Database or Power Point and probably should know. I foolishly thought I’d be able to gain my qualification in a couple of mornings but so far it’s taken a little longer than that. Mainly because the supervisor has to spend a lot of time with people who need a lot of attention (my class mates range from people with learning difficulties to people with attention issues, people with both and older folk with no grasp of IT whatsoever) and despite the fact that I’m doing very basic stuff and completing an assessment is very straightforward I still need to be handed the actual exercises and assessments. Consequently I complete my task and then have to wait around for ages for an audience with teacher. I’m getting a lot of reading done but it’s so slow and frustrating. Anyway a day of this and I’m ready to kill someone. Or maybe it was the other way round. Dad collected me on Monday afternoon and informed me that a “tube” had arrived for me. I didn’t recall ordering anything and I didn’t think I’d been doing any sleep shopping or making any drunken bids on eBay so I was puzzled. I asked Father if the tube had made any ticking noises or smelled peculiar but he didn’t think it was an assassination attempt. I got home and saw that the tube in question had a California postmark on it once I saw Mr LJC’s name on it I guessed instantly that it must be a movie poster. But which one? Tearing away tape with fury I was delighted to find a glossy new Casino Royale poster with Craigy looking his most convincing yet as “Her Majesty’s Loyal Terrier”.

Thanks Mr Cinema Purveyor!

3 thoughts on “Little Acts of Kindness”

  1. I’ve just signed up to do the European Computer Driving Licence for the same reason. The only part of the course I’ve not come across is databases, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ve signed up for the evening classes, but HCAT are allowing me to self study and just do the exams which should mean I can get it all finished in September, which will be handy if I can get my MA funding to day release to Brighton.

  2. Hi Maz! I may well be moving on to the same course but there’s always still the chance I might get a job and then I won’t be able to aford to continue…

  3. you could ask to be funded to do evening classes as part of your staff development when you get a job.

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