(No Longer) Lost In Translation

I’ve finally solved my analogue to digital woes! Or rather I should say that I’ve had them solved for me. Rob put me on to the rather helpful Canopus ADVC110 which very simply allows the analogue video, and right and left stereo inputs from my VHS player to be converted to a digital signal so that a FireWire cable can deliver it straight into the hungry jaws of the capture mode of iMovie. The family movie project is now well underway and just needs some serious re-ordering and editing. As soon as I’ve sussed out how to isolate the audio I will also be able to do audio-only files which will mean my parents can transfer their sizeable vinyl collection onto CD and I can convert a few of those hard-to-find tracks from Minidisc. Some of my VHS tapes have been wholly co-operative but others insist on flaunting their Macrovision, which inhibits the Canopus, as it’s very respectful of these things. The beautiful thing about the Canopus, apart from the fact that I can record live TV onto the computer, is that it allows the flow to be reversed and I can record anything from the computer onto VHS. The only downside was that the box wasn’t cheap. I was originally searching around for a simple cable that would do the same job without realising that the process was rather more complicated and really had to pay for it. Still, it’s a done deal now and I can get on with the serious business of transferring stuff. Which is nice.

2 thoughts on “(No Longer) Lost In Translation”

  1. Yay for free flowing video in both directions! I’m pretty sure you can *cough* tweak the macrovision protection in the firmware of the AD converter … will look around for a flash file for you … and you didn’t understand a word I just said did you?

    In terms of audio only recording then you could try Audacity – that allows you to select the audio input device . Failing that FCP (and the bundeled Soundtrack Pro) will do a very good job of completely overkilling the import. All you have to do is export the project to something like AIFF and the video is dumped.

  2. When you say firmware, you mean the software that Canopus use (that they deliberatly don’t provide) that controls the box? Sound-wise I just need an equivalent audio only programme to grab the audio signal. I couldn’t figure out how Garage Band works and it looks a bit naff anyway. Audacity sounds good. I’ll havev a look for it. Thanks again!

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