Adventures with my iPod

Of my 8112 items in iTunes 316 of them are music videos, little movie shorts, cool ads or comedy sketches and I’ve got some 931 photos or scanned images in iPhoto. The time has come to sort out the external video feed so that I can put these up on a TV. Anyone’s TV.

Since beginning to dump files onto the iPod in late February I knew I would want to get the slideshow and video jukebox capabilities of the little fella configured. I’d read various web sites about people using a jack plug to 3 X phono plug (any traditional camcorder A/V output cable) to export your images I thought that this would be easy, and it was. In the end.

Firstly getting hold of one of these cables on the high street isn’t all that easy as PC World, Dixons etc. didn’t stock them. They stock all manor of kits that include a few things that are useful and plenty that you’ve either already got or don’t want that must be artificially expensive. In the end a quick search on eBay allowed me to pick one up for a few quid. Hoorah!

The other thing that wasn’t clear to me at first was that you need to set the iPod up to feed the video out of the jack, it won’t do it automatically. You also can’t watch video on an external source and on the iPod’s screen; it’s an either/or scenario. This doesn’t bother me though.

So now the videos work and I can show pictures on a TV with an accompanying soundtrack made up of a playlist or whatever I’m currently listening to in the iTunes library. I’ve only got a few problems at the moment. Firstly it doesn’t seem to be possible to play just music tracks when the video out is activated and secondly the slideshows I’ve created in iPhoto don’t seem to appear on the iPod; just the photo albums that spawned them (which I haven’t done that much with).

The good thing is that although I can’t find out how to shuffle music vids on iTunes or to get one to follow on from another in full screen mode without selecting it for each track after it’s started playing, the iPod does automatically do this so I’ve got my video jukebox afterall. And after I’ve tinkered with my photo albums I should have everything I’ve been after. Then only problem will then be memory and managing it all. So far I’ve been able to download everything and synchronise each program but when I have to be choosy about what goes on there, it’ll suddenly become more time consuming. Maybe it’ll be time to upgrade by then!

2 thoughts on “Adventures with my iPod”

  1. Yowza. Might be worth looking at a video iPod after all even though the random nature of the Shuffle does expose the better gems in my collection.

    And there’s you worried you might not be “techy” enough!

  2. Hey, it’s only taken me the best part of six months to get up to speed (after a fashion). I can’t reccomend an iPod enough. There’re fab. But maybe you’d best wait until the next generation is out. Apparently the screen takes up the whole face and it’ll have touch screen controls…

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