Liquid Football

Anyone who knows me and my complete indifference to football (and most sport) might be wondering how or why I’ve taken an interest in the World Cup this year. This is something I’ve been asking myself recently too. As far back as I can remember I’ve always watched the world cup with a keen interest despite having little or no regard for the premiership or league football of any description. I do find the sport infuriating and very frustrating to watch; the constant back and forward of the ball as opposed to the tactics and steady progression of territory teams achieve in rugby. Football is almost like watching a slightly more complex version of Pong and it does get annoying. Somehow I’ve got past that this year again and having no idea who plays for which club and no knowledge of player’s respective strengths and weaknesses means I can maintain an open mind. I’m certainly enjoying the displays of skill and in particular the high standard of goal keeping. I’m not at all sure about the amount of yellow cards for innocently-meant tackles and the fact that someone has seen fit to replace the football with a beach-ball that sails over both attacking and defending players alike from corner kicks or straight over the cross bars from goal attempts but there it is.

A full 40 years after our last win, does anyone think we have a chance this time round?

2 thoughts on “Liquid Football”

  1. Not a hope in hell 🙂

    Let’s face it, we’ve been tested by every team we’ve played so far and we haven’t played anyone “good” yet.

    I am enjoying the new ball though, it seems to spend more time filling the screen than the players.

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