This is just, well, you gotta see this. I’ve just found the programme from Saturday’s dance showcase. On stage several hours after Naomi and her fellow Sunset Dancers (as we were hitting upon the anticlimax of our evening) was an act simply dubbed “Spanner” and by way of an explanation the blurb reads;

“Spanner is here to mend the world. 2 brothers, 4 toolboxes and many chunks of stupid… creating more stupid; and then other people get involved – and we’re doing our best to stay positive – but everyone’s so stupid… But we’re doing our best to sort it out, without breaking it even more!”

Man, I how I wish I’d stayed to see that instead! It sounds awesome, in a kind of skewed-comedy-genius kinda way. That or it would have been the worst piece of ill-conceived community-theatre you might ever experience. Either way, I think it sounds a lot like a metaphor for life and how despite everyone’s good intentions you just end up with, well, lots of stupid…

9 thoughts on “Profound”

  1. whereas with bad intentions you just end up with a load of nasty. I vote for stupid any day. But only if there wasn’t a third option of lovely. Scarey can be good too though. We’re signing mortgage stuff at the bank on friday, which is kinda scarey, but cool too. Come live with us, you could be our random lodger 🙂

  2. Do – it’d be great. You could come and hang with the library posse massive bling bling crew and stuff 🙂 Even got a film guy here you could talk film stuff to – he worked in a film archive before he came here. I enjoy taunting him with my open dislike for tarentino.

  3. ps hopefully we’ll be moving in mid july, but your always welcome to the joys of our current spare room in the mean time. Now with no stick insects included – I gave them to a work experience kid

  4. Sorry. I finally watched Kill Bill a couple of weeks ago and hated that too. He takes films I could have liked and adds an element of loathsomeness that leaves me cold.

  5. I know what you mean about Kill Bill. I hated Part 1 when I first saw it but I quite enjoyed Part 2 and it almost ratified Part 1 for me. I think he should recut it so it’s a proper story and not a introductory chunk of gordy violence that relies on being followed up by a soulful western. So there.

  6. got a blog thingy now – part of research into how to present library stuff. Will probably just write a proper page, but I wanted to see how the blogger worked. It’s at but it’s really basic atm

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