Come And Have A Go If You Think You’re Aard Enough

Tragically, despite the fact that my interview had gone well and I thought I was in with a chance, Aardman finally got in touch to say that I had been unsuccessful and they’d gone for someone else. Since I had heard nothing for two weeks I had come to realise that they were not eager to engage my skills. The mistake I had made was in e-mailing the HR department to have this clarified once and for all. I had an apologetic e-mail back saying sorry and that the powers that be were “…still reviewing applicants.” This naturally raised my hopes again before someone got in touch the next day and informed me that I had definitely been unsuccessful. I got the impression that any decisions had been made quite some time ago as the person apologised again, claiming that the production office had thought that HR were doing rejection calls and HR thought that the production office were the ones to do this.

The interview had been for a production secretary gig on a children’s flash animation series called Planet Sketch which was a co-production with Canada and involved a lot of co-ordinating of departments and arranging artists voice-overs. The actual job sounded fun and the Aardman studios would have been an awesome place to work (the signs on the walls had super helpful things written on them like “This Way” and one memo informed staff that Friday was “Wrong Trousers Day” – an annual occasion designed to raise cash for charity by partaking in a pub crawl suitably attired in trousers that were just not right). The fact that it was based in Bristol was another thing that I had been Über keen on (you know my feelings on that place). But it was not to be and I just wished that they had let me down sooner rather than the two torturous weeks I spent thinking that I could get my life back.

I hate this year.

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  1. I was home for a full year before I found the field studies job. The right one will come if you keep looking.

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