Maz Shack

Hello and Welcome to Maz Club! Nice…” Ms McGowan has a shiny new blog here. Go and check it out and leave friendly comments. Just don’t let her try to inform you that the site can be found at a domain called “bogspot” as that’s either somewhere for collecting peat or a place for relieiving oneself of waste.

8 thoughts on “Maz Shack”

  1. I think Maz was apologising for directing us all to a “bogspot”! Whatever that is. And anyway, there was a link in my text and then one appeared in my blogroll. Thanks for explaining to Maz how to do links. I would have confused her (not to mention myself)!

  2. Oh and Maz is there any chance you can do something about it being compulsory to sign up to blogspot to post comments – I’d rather not sign up as it’s another password I’ll keep forgetting!

  3. Thanks guys – i didn’t know you had to sign up to leave a message. I don’t know how to fix that, but I’ll go have a fiddle. When I’m finished I’ll try and fix the comments thing 😛

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