iTunes 7

Hey, this new iTunes 7 is good, isn’t it? I didn’t notice much difference with the last version but when I upgraded yesterday I was delighted to find that the new version gives you the opportunity to switch views so that you can sift through your music collection by album cover. I did a hunt online and downloaded a whole host of covers for things that I had imported from my own CDs (a step closer to the whole completist thing that we geeks strive for). The music videos have their own department away from “TV Shows” and “Movies” now which somehow allows for them to be played continuously in full screen without snapping back to the mini viewer window between videos. Previously I could only achieve my random video jukebox utopia on the iPod but now I can manage it with the iMac too. Also there are the handy functions of now being able to select blocks of tracks to skip in random without having go through each one and checking that “skip when shuffling” function if you’ve a stack of not-so-cool tracks or guilty pleasures that ought not to be exposed in company (but that you might want to indulge in away from ridicule) and someone sensitive to the needs of my “Back to Mine” or “Another Late Night” mix albums and electronica concept albums has factored in a function where you can tell iTunes whether or not an album is a “gapless” album or not thus eliminating those disruptive little pauses that didn’t used to be there when you listened to the CD. All this plus the icon for iTunes has now changed its note colour from green to blue signifying my new found power. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah!

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  1. Excellent – my plan to sit back and wait for a guinea pig to test the new, blue iTunes has worked perfectly! Now I too can install and enjoy album artwork and cover flippy nonsense 🙂

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