Right, I’m Off!

Not in the sense that I’m in any way past my sell-by date or descending into decay you understand. No, I’m quitting these shores for a time (about six weeks) and flying out to S.E. Asia tomorrow night, destination: Thailand. From the Thai capital I aim to cross into Cambodia, through Phnom Penh, then into Vietnam, travelling from Ho Chi Minh City in the south all the way up to Hanoi before crossing back into Laos and continuing back to Bangkok via Vientiane. If I have any time, money and energy left over then I may venture south to see some of the Thai national parks and beaches.  I’m a bit scared as I’ve not been to anywhere outside of Europe that’s not English speaking and I’ve certainly not been away for so long. But the opportunity has finally come along and I’d be foolish to pass it up. Why is it that you don’t get the courage to do something until you’ve actually done it??

My plan is to evoke a turn around to this Year of Woe and try to convert it into a gap year of sorts with the traditional travelling part at the end of it. I have actually accomplished a lot this year with one thing and another and I can add this expedition to my trips to Prague and Paris as part of my new discoveries. I was very envious of friends who had the chance to travel before university and it was only due to lack of funds and the danger that my work ethic would perish if I broke from my studies that I didn’t persue this dream when I was eighteen. Funds will be stretched and this will be far from a luxurious tour but I aim to make the best of it.

I hope to blog a bit on the road but I might not get the chance. I’m sure you understand!

I regret to announce, this is the end. I’m going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell!

Well, until December anyway…