Right, I’m Off!

Not in the sense that I’m in any way past my sell-by date or descending into decay you understand. No, I’m quitting these shores for a time (about six weeks) and flying out to S.E. Asia tomorrow night, destination: Thailand. From the Thai capital I aim to cross into Cambodia, through Phnom Penh, then into Vietnam, travelling from Ho Chi Minh City in the south all the way up to Hanoi before crossing back into Laos and continuing back to Bangkok via Vientiane. If I have any time, money and energy left over then I may venture south to see some of the Thai national parks and beaches.  I’m a bit scared as I’ve not been to anywhere outside of Europe that’s not English speaking and I’ve certainly not been away for so long. But the opportunity has finally come along and I’d be foolish to pass it up. Why is it that you don’t get the courage to do something until you’ve actually done it??

My plan is to evoke a turn around to this Year of Woe and try to convert it into a gap year of sorts with the traditional travelling part at the end of it. I have actually accomplished a lot this year with one thing and another and I can add this expedition to my trips to Prague and Paris as part of my new discoveries. I was very envious of friends who had the chance to travel before university and it was only due to lack of funds and the danger that my work ethic would perish if I broke from my studies that I didn’t persue this dream when I was eighteen. Funds will be stretched and this will be far from a luxurious tour but I aim to make the best of it.

I hope to blog a bit on the road but I might not get the chance. I’m sure you understand!

I regret to announce, this is the end. I’m going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell!

Well, until December anyway…

15 thoughts on “Right, I’m Off!”

  1. Ooh you lucky bastard! ‘m very envious and am sure you’ll have a wicked time. Just remember to steer clear of the lady boys and you’ll be fine 😀

  2. Fascinating creatures though…

    Nah, I’ll be doing my best to steer clear of anyone selling themselves (or indeed anything I don’t need). Hope to see you both soon after I return!

  3. Makes my three day mini-cruise to Bilbao in december seem a tad tame 🙂 Keep a diary so when you write your memoirs you’ll know exactly what happened when. Have a great time 🙂

  4. Finally found this place (thanks to Maz)!!

    Have an awesome time James.

    Sorry I’ve been totally crap over the years with losing email addresses and phone numbers… if any of you want to give me a shout my email addy is [email protected]

  5. Thank you Mr Phil! Glad you found me OK. I think the blame for bad contact falls on both of us. Do you have a site or can you put together an e-mail for me – I’d love to know what you’ve been up to. My phone has locked on to Thai and Cambodian mobile networks but I get the feeling I’d have to pay stupid money to receive calls let alone make them! Is there any way you can be in Worcestershire for a few days in early December?

  6. Blimey, are you managing to post from over there, J? Int technology brilliant. How’s it going?

    And hi, Phill! Good to hear from you. Yes, come visit us, as the man says.

  7. Crumbs! These bloggy types get everywhere don’t they?

    “If James goes to Indochina, there’ll be a blogger waiting in a bowl of rice ready to pop a comment on his post”


  8. I don’t currently have any blogs running at the moment, and don’t really contribute to any of my websites lately that much. But I’m more than happy to drop a mail over – but I’ll need your address seeing as I lost it 😉

    Again, any of you can email me on the address I mentioned before or alternatively you can mail on my work address which is [email protected]

    The long and short of things is that I’m still in Leeds, currently working as a Tech Specialist/Server Engineer at the ASDA Head Office. Decent money/rewarding but very time consuming and stressful.

    I’m on call quite a bit so there’s lots of getting out of bed and going in to work at 3am because some strange guy at WalMart panics about servers crashing in the night etc The real downside of this though is that it can be very difficult to travel anywhere and plan ahead as I can’t go anywhere outside of a 12 mile radius of Leeds when I am on call.

    Being as I work as part of an international team with WalMart I do occasionally get sent places like Arkansas… lovely. Although there is talk of me heading over to China for a few weeks to help set up the IT Infrastructure of a company we just bought over there. That’d be cool if it comes about.

    If you let me know the details of when you guys are meeting up and what you are doing in Worcs I’ll see if I can get over providing I can wing the on call rota in my favour and also get there 😉

  9. Well it’d be great to see you if you can make it down! It’s my birthday on the 15th of December, which happens to fall on a Friday this year, and I’m sure that we’ll be doing something involving a modicum of alcohol in the evening so maybe that’s something to aim for?

  10. We need to keep a yearly snapshot of where everyone is, what they’re doing, whether they’re with someone, etc. so in years to come we can all look back and reminisce.

    It might be interesting in a 7-Up/49-Up way.

    I propose James’ birthday also be our snapshot day, unless he feels that’s taking attention away from him, in which case it should be two days after.

  11. I imagine Lig just means some sort of record of what we were all doing on that particular day. Like the thing they did a few months back where people blogged everything they did in a single day so that social historians of the future would have an idea of what life was like in 2006.

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