Hurry! Only 25 Shopping Days Left!

Shopping at this time of year takes on a surreal quality even if you’re just out for groceries. I usually try to plan my Xmas shopping so that I know exactly what I’m going to buy for each person on my list and it’s a slick operation that allows me to pick up the items and get clear of the madness and back into the pub with my friends as quickly as possible. I was in town the other day and was confronted with the traditional bazaar of Stuff you can buy if you’re not sure what to get someone. Was particular puzzled this year by a few things (maybe someone can shed some light on the following);

Why is it that bands (e.g. Oasis) now feel obliged to use their Best Of to make their career appear better than it actually was?

Why has Jeremy Clarkson entitled his new book “And Another Thing: The World According to Clarkson Volume 2” when no one was in the least bit interested in the first thing?

(Most annoyingly) Why do I only remember that I need a copy of “It’s A Wonderful Life” on DVD at this time of year when it gets re-priced at double its normal value?

Made It!

Wow. It’s cold here. I don’t think autumn had even started when I left. Now it’s properly winter. I feel a bit like it’s all been a dream and I’ve been unconscious, like the kid from Flight Of The Navigator except that I’ve definitely aged during my time away and I have memories.

I could spend a small eternity typing up my travels properly but it would take too long and I doubt anyone will want to devote the majority of their day to reading it.

Instead, in the spirit of Dave’s write up of California and Kip Pardue’s account of his trip to Europe in the awesome Rules Of Attraction, I shall attempt to recount my expedition as if I was telling you what I did in few breathless sentences. Continue reading