Thank You For Smoking (For A Little Longer…)

Saw today that the government have finally announced the dates for the nationwide smoking bans for next year. Was a bit surprised when I read it was going to be July as initial reports suggested March. As much I’ll be sad to see the end of smoking in pubs and the inevitable change in pub culture that will come about, I recognise that it’s a good thing for public health and am planning to use the opportunity to help me quit properly, as I’m sure a lot of people will (perhaps a lot of publicans will use it as an opportunity to redecorate). I tend to be a social smoker and I find that a snout goes really well with a pint but have to acknowledge that it’s more of a prop and that I just need to work on feeling more relaxed in public which isn’t always easy for me. I have very little will power and the inverse relationship between alcohol consumed and my determination to avoid smoking doesn’t help. I suppose I’ll just have to be that bit more determined not to smoke for the four extra months (one if I lived in Wales or N. Ireland – why is their ban introduced in April anyway? What gives?)

4 thoughts on “Thank You For Smoking (For A Little Longer…)”

  1. But the good news (for me, at least) is that I will be able to savour the aroma of smoky pub upon my return home!

    In Ireland the big problem (or so I hear) when smoking was banned is that people started to smell what the smoke was masking, ie. B.O. and stale farts. Lovely.

    Expect nicer pubs to start investing in incense and scented candles!

  2. Also I heard that another problem was that the people who had no intention of quitting would keep dissapearing outside for extended periods to smoke whilst people inside would have to wait. Or the smokers would stay home!

  3. I find I really notice smoke on my clothes after being out more than I did as a student when everyone smoked – it’s becoming unusual to come home smelling like an ashtray. Perhaps it’s a result of being more likely to be coming home mostly sober than before.

  4. Maybe it is down to us getting a bit older. At the moment I’m choosing not to drink that much (bar this weekend just gone!) but it’ll be a sad day when I’m not actually able to drink that much…

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