On Assignment…

“I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now…” Wrote Morrissey back in ’84. Of course, Morrissey is always miserable but then he’s so good at it. Myself, on the other hand, despite finding work, am not. After having joined a temp agency in Cheltenham (to avoid working in Worcester and to perhaps bring about a relocation to a des res), it was the Worcester branch of the temp agency who called and gave me a job in Ledbury which I leapt at as I need the money and the job sounded bearable. So I started on Tuesday at The Helping Hand Co. These folks design and make disability aids in the form of chairs, beds, hoists etc.  The staff all seem very friendly and, best of all, I was just in time for the office Christmas party! The party came complete with a huge turkey feast, a free bar, some dubious entertainment, pretend gambling and a shiny, wrap-around James Bond theme. This is always exciting for me as I get to dust off the tux and dress classily (anything to deflect attention away from my Chevy Chase…). Between the main course and desert I did managed to bag the Best James Bond award, which pleased me no end. Unfortunately later someone told me I was more Roger Moore than Daniel Craig which slightly took away from the achievement but hey, you can’t have everything…

So it looks like I’ll be popping over to Herefordshire everyday until at least the end of February. It has unfortunately curbed my availability for being out and about this month which is a shame. I had a call from the Cheltenham branch of the temp agency a couple of days into the job with an offer of more work (why don’t these branches speak to each other…?) You wait a year for some work while you’re free (and try to keep busy with whatever you think needs doing) and then a couple of temp jobs come along at the very point when you would rather be spending time with your mates. I would be upset but I’m just so thrilled and relieved to have discovered that I’m still wanted/needed. It’s like getting my Mojo back, baby…

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  1. James, noone wants to hear about your mojo, keep that kind of talk to yourself please!

    Glad you found a bearable job, so i had better be getting a decent pressie this xmas 😉 I think you are more Daniel Craig than Roger Moore, take no notice of the nasty man!!!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against “The Moore”, I just dont think James has the same talent when it comes to eyebrow skills.

  3. Hiya James!!


    I tried to email this to you but it got bounced back from your hotmail account and I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch!

    How’s it going??? Hope you’re well and having a great birthday so far? I’ve just read about your job which sounds interesting! Are the people cool? I gather that you’ve also been travelling around Thailand? How was it? Where’d you go? I am very jealous!

    I’m well – my big news is that I am engaged!! Simon proposed about 3 weeks ago in Paris which was a lovely surprise and so now were trying to get a wedding planned for this summer! I’m still on Doctors – still enjoying script editing and we’ve just started Series 9 which is quite mad. Looking forward to xmas now though – it has been really hectic recently.

    I saw Miriam last week at the xmas party – she’s well and I think is going to try to email you today too.

    Anyway – better get back to work! Hope you have a lovely day and when you have time I’d love to hear what you’re up to. I’m still at the same work email address.

    Luv Lyn.xxx

  4. Welcome back Hon – it’s been manic at work lately, so no time for blogging but we’re back online at home again now. Hope your travels were superb. Congrats on the job 🙂 Money and a chance to make the world a better place 🙂 Plus you’re defo more Daniel Craig, although I’ll try not to think of you in that way if you don’t mind, given that my thoughts after watching the film were frankly dirty and it might strain the bounds of our friendship 🙂 Be well and have a great Christmas XX

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