It’s 1973. Nearly dinner time. And I’m havin’ hoops.


Series 2 of Life on Mars kicks off tonight and I’m actually quite looking forward to it. This is surprising because I hardly watch any TV (let alone get excited about it) and also because I said I wouldn’t bother with any more because they didn’t wrap it up at the end of the first series when they had the chance and I hate those TV shaggy dog stories that drag on and ultimately disappear up their own behinds. The first series was excellent. The scripts were mustard, the casting inspired and the performances and direction much better than anything else around. Besides this the early seventies were so well realised and the amount of nostalgia and loving in-jokes was perfectly balanced with the story and the issues raised. That and the soundtrack was awesome. This is promised to be the last series and so I’m going to absorb myself once more in the Manchester of 1973 and the masterly partnering of John Simm and an “…overweight, over-the-hill, nicotine-stained, borderline-alcoholic homophobe with a superiority complex and an unhealthy obsession with male bonding”.

4 thoughts on “It’s 1973. Nearly dinner time. And I’m havin’ hoops.”

  1. Me and the missus have just started watching the first series. It’s generally pretty good. Occasionally bits could do with a little extra storytelling (like in episode 2 when Julie the cleaning girl turns up almost a little to conveniently in order to be shot ). Long shots and more quick “getting about” shots might have solved that problem, but with a TV budget 1970’s-ing big chunks of Manchester for 2-second shots is impractical.

    So yeah, despite the limitations it’s pretty good. I especially like when John Simm is telling a man who he presumes to be a paramedic how to look after a patient. The man waits til he’s finished and tells him “I’m just the bloody ambulance driver, mate.” I thought that was the best bit of writing in the episode.

  2. I liked the bit on the first episode where Simm asks where his mobile is and the DC asks him, “Where’s your mobile what?”

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