Saturday’s Child Works Hard For A Living

I was born on a rainy Saturday afternoon and, as the nursery rhyme goes, I think I’ve worked hard for things generally, even if sometimes this was because I didn’t know how to work smart. Case in point is my current situation. My latest temping assignment sees me working for Aiim Europe (yes, I know they can’t spell). It’s a telemarketing data-cleaning gig that requires me to work my way through a lot of old contact information and check to see if it’s still current and goes a little something like this; “Hi. My name’s James and I’m calling from a company called Aiim Europe. We’re updating our contacts and I was hoping you might be able to tell me whether the following people are still working for you…?” [x 100 each day]. The person on the other end of the line will either respond by saying “Yes certainly, what are the names?” or (more often) “I’m afraid I can’t give you that information because of data- protection/our company’s no-name policy” or  (most frequently) “Let me put you through to someone who can help…” (you can imagine where that leads). This is only a natural response because either the person answering the phone doesn’t have access to this information or they don’t want the responsibility of leaking a colleague’s details in this age of deception and fraud.

Now it’s hard work maintaining enthusiasm and keeping going when you aren’t getting much co-operation, there’s little or no variety and the work is less well paid than anything I’ve done for years. I can’t claim it’s the worst telemarketing job I’ve had because I’m not actually selling anything, the day does actually go by quicker than you’d think and it is probably the kind of challenge I need. My boss did say that this job is a bit of a company joke as in they take bets on whether or not the temp shows up on day 2. My showing up this morning either means that I’m determined to get to the end of the job to prove to myself I can do it, I’m desperate for the cash, I’m a masochist or that I’m daft. Which one? Let me put you through to someone who can help…

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Child Works Hard For A Living”

  1. Y’know, the job I had at MHDC was similar (in terms of turnover, not the work). When I turned up on the second day my supervisor said “So, you came back!” with a note of genuine surprise in her voice. I stayed there six months.

    Stick at it until something better comes along. Let the temp agency know that you’re willing to keep turning up for a while, but that you’d like to know about other stuff you could move onto in a little while. Talk a little about “career development,” and how this position isn’t very varied. You never know, it might help.

    What a stupid name for a company. It makes me want to start a urinal company called Piis.

  2. dude! Bobby does this every single day and everyone hates recruitment consultants… i think he even hates recruitment consultants!!! He wants to leave! At least you only have a few weeks of it! xx

  3. 2 months wiping poo off bottoms, beds and walls in a nursing home staffed by people you wouldn’t let look after a dog. Amongst other things nearly a year part time at Burger King. We’re all whores to the money. And at least you’re not plucking turkeys atm:)

  4. Actually plucking turkeys wasn’t as bad as this! Whether that’s because I wasn’t having to do it for days on end and I associate it with Xmas, I’m not sure.

    Nursing home detail would be hell on earth though. You’re also running the risk of sustaining some nasty injuries too, aren’t you?

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