Kung Hey Fat Choi!

The year of the pig has arrived. Also known as the year of the boar, this year is supposed to be an especially good year to have a child as they will be blessed with good luck both in fortunes and in relationships. I do know at least one couple who are expecting their first so this bodes well for them. It’s also meant to be a good year to get married too and I know at least one couple who have recently announced that they’re tying the knot which also makes me happy.


What makes me really chuffed though is that I can say a firm good bye to the bitch that was 2006’s year of the dog. Although the year wasn’t entirely without merit (I did get to initiate and develope a number of personal projects aswell as pack in some travelling) much of the year for me was a frustrating, sluggish, dispiriting, depressing and basically a horrid affair across all areas of my life. I’m glad to be able to draw a line under it and move on. Apparently this year is supposed to be good if you’re a sheep/ram like myself so I’m looking forward to a reversal of fortunes (or if not a reversal then an upswing). I hope it’s a good one for you too!

2 thoughts on “Kung Hey Fat Choi!”

  1. I’m not one to go for horoscopes and such, but was amused by Jonathen Cainer’s prediction that 2007 would see the end of any struggles for me and that the rest of my life would be rosey and shiney (I may be paraphrasing). Jolly good. And I’m a Monkeyon the Chinese calender, whatever that means 🙂 Two monkeys sitting in a bath. One goes ‘ooh ooh, ahh ahh’, the other says ‘yes, the water is rather hot’.

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