Too Proud?

So I’m still between jobs. I think this is a kind way of putting it. Out of work; unemployed; surfing the sofa is more the state of things. I mainly patrol BBC Jobs, Guardian Jobs and I get individual job alerts from my subscription to Production Base. Today has once more yielded wholly underwhelming results. At the moment I’m sticking to my guns and looking for drama work only (as time progresses I might have to extend my search criteria). Today’s job alert from Production Base has brought Fremantle Media to my attention and their current search for Clarity Operators for “Quizmania”.

You can imagine how my heart sinks everytime I read something like this. Firstly, I have no idea what a clarity operator is. Is this someone who dumbs down the content to a more baby-food level than it was before? It probably airs on UK TV Pleb Dazzle at 3 in the morning and attracts lowest common denominator viewing and is cheap and unimaginative viewing made by people who “…have experience within quiz or shopping formats.”
Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go for something like this. It does have the advantage of getttting me to London but I know I’d be miserable, it would look bad on the CV and might limit my already poor chances or getting back into drama.

I think for the time being I’ll leave this exciting opportunity to people more keen to immerse themselves in “…the UK’s most successful live interactive gameshow.” Best of luck to them.


Getting Carried Away...

Being in the midst of the Six Nations at the moment and loving rugby as he does Dad was ready for England vs Scotland at Murrayfield this weekend. Rae was home for the weekend but was due to be whisked away to sunny Snowdonia for some hiking on Saturday. Not being able to bear her lucky England top going unworn and therefor rendering it’s good fortune void, Rae passed the talisman to Dad who clambered into it. I think we have a fairly good side at the moment who were thoroughly capable of a grand slam having seen off Wales and Italy comfortably. Scotland, to everyone’s surprise had made a strong opening impression but were supposed to be beatable – or so we thought. Solid team work and a faultless defence triumphed over the English to reclaim the Calcutta Cup and dad never really got to make the above face again in a match devoid of tries. I was annoyed with a Scottish team who deserved the victory yet had been unable to beat a lacklustre Wales the week before. Rachael was annoyed that she hadn’t been dressed in her England top which apparently would have made all the difference.